Site Survey Process

For most customer installations, we can identify remotely using pre-surveyed photographs from our base stations, terrain data and network maps, whether customers can connect to our network, and whether this is included as part of the standard installation. Standard installation charges are shown on our website, or as advised by our sales team.

In some cases, where either:

  • our data is inconclusive or not available
  • Your connection is non-standard:
    • where we can identify clear obstructions (for fixed-wireless connections)
    • for most fibre (FTTP) to the premises connections
    • for anything remotely non-standard (working at heights, over flat roofs, etc)

We need to schedule an on-site survey if the customer wishes to proceed to this next step.

The on-site survey will establish the fixed-price cost to connect you to the network, and identify what equipment, parts and labour are required.

Survey Charge

The on-site survey charge is £66.67+VAT (£80 inc VAT), however this charge will be refunded/credited if:

  • The survey banding changes upwards from time of the sales' team estimate to the surveyed quote.
  • The customer proceeds with the installation against the surveyed quote.

You are under no obligation to proceed with the installation after the survey if you don't wish to. Please see below for further details.

Survey Banding

Before a survey is scheduled, we will attempt 'band' your installation charge. This is an estimate, and sometimes and on-site survey may identify complexities or additional aspects not previously considered which could increase the quote.

  • Band A: Total installation charge will be less than or equal to £333.33+VAT (£400 inc VAT).
  • Band B: Total installation charge will be greater than £333.33+VAT, but less or equal to £1,000+VAT.
  • Band C: Total installation charge will be greater than £1,000+VAT.

You may decide to change your mind on whether to proceed with the survey based on the estimated banding. There will be no penalty for this.

Survey Payment

The survey charge of £66.67+VAT will be taken up front by a Debit or credit card beforehand. Once the payment has been made, we will schedule the survey date/time. 

Survey Charge Refund/Credit

If you subsequently qualify for the refund, we will process after the survey; or if you proceed with the installation, we will apply a credit to your account.

Obligation to order

There is no obligation to order a service after a site-survey and you have received the installation quotation. Please let our sales team know whichever way you wish to proceed.


Acceptance of survey quotation

If you decide to accept the survey quotation, and proceed with the installation, then fantastic news!

The approximate process will look as follows:

  1. Site Survey.
  2. Installation quotation provided to customer.
  3. Customer acceptance and contract signed.
  4. Installation deposit invoiced (if charges are greater than £333.33+VAT) and paid.
  5. Lead time advised.
  6. Work commences. This is either shared or fully taken on by WI and it's contractors.
  7. Installation complete and service handover.
  8. Full installation or balance invoice and prorated rental invoice generated.

Installation Deposit

If the installation quote is greater than £333.33+VAT (£400 inc VAT), and you proceed against it, we will usually ask for a deposit towards the full installation cost on order go-ahead. We will also carry out necessary credit checks and ask for supplier references for high value work.

  • Band B: 50% deposit
  • Band C: 80% deposit


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