SMTP Outgoing E-mail Server Settings

Wessex Internet operates an outgoing SMTP 'relay' server for its customers.

What is an SMTP Relay Server

By default, we restrict our broadband customers from using SMTP servers operating on TCP port 25, apart from if you use our Relay Server. Our relay server is whitelisted, even though it opertes on TCP port 25. It is only accesible when connected to the Wessex Internet network. It allows you to route your E-mails to remote recipient.


This service is provided as best endeavours without any warranty or support.


It is only available to on-net customers - i.e. those using a Wessex Internet connection. 
Therefore if you attempt to use it on a third party Internet connection such as a mobile phone network or remote work connection, then you connection attempt will be rejected.

Fair Usage Policy

There are fair usage policies enabled with the service, so if you plan to send more than 50 E-mails per day from your account, then this SMTP server will not be suitable for your requirements as the fair usage policy will limit your connection attempts. We recommend you seek alternate SMTP servers for higher requirements, or look to host your own SMTP server and switch to an Ethernet service where you are permitted to send E-mails directly.


SMTP Outgoing E-mail Server Details.

Server address:

Server port: 25

Server encryption: none

Server authentication: none


Alternate SMTP Server Settings

You may find that your E-mail service provider has their own SMTP outgoing E-mail server that you can use from any Internet connection. Usually for the SMTP server to work remotely from any Internet connection, you need an SMTP server that uses authentication and/or encryption and/or uses a different non-standard SMTP port (not port 25).

Please contact your E-mail service provider for service settings.


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