Service Equipment Rental (previously Radio Rental)

You may have noticed Service Equipment Rental (previously Radio Rental) on your monthly bill if you have signed up to Wessex Internet after 1st July 2015, or re-signed and upgraded your contract after this date.

This is mandatory, and it's not a radio for listening to music!

In a few words, think of this like a BT line rental. It's to cover the rental of the equipment (excluding any indoor Wi-Fi hubs), that we use to deliver your broadband Internet connection.

We have renamed it from Radio Rental to Service Equipment Rental recently to make it clearer on what this charge is.

Continue reading below on why it's mandatory and what value you receive as a customer for this component.

What it is

It's the charge associated to the dish/radio transceiver equipment on your property that we use to deliver your Internet service.

Think of this charge like a BT line rental or the standard charge on your gas or electric charge. It's the conduit to deliver your broadband Internet connection.

Whilst you remain a customer and have this on your bill, we will provide free on-site servicing and repairs of this equipment (unless you've damaged it, or it's been damaged due to acts of God as examples of certain exclusions).

What it isn't

  • Not for listening to the radio!

"A Service Equipment rental/Radio Rental never was required before, why has it changed?"

When we launched our updated Internet packages on 1st July 2015, we split our single Internet rental charge into two charges.

The sum of the two charges stayed the same. No price increase. No price reduction.

  • A new Service Equipment Rental/Radio Rental charge
  • The existing lower Broadband Rental charge is shown

"Why did you do this, it's confusing."

Customers who signed up before we made the change are more likely to notice and comment about this change as opposed to new customers.

We've done it for two reasons:

  • Better positioning against the other Internet providers:
    • Customer's had frequently mentioned that Wessex Internet charges were a lot more than those from other Internet providers.
    • Upon closing examination, other providers were not including the cost of the mandatory copper BT landline rental in their headline prices.
    • So competitor's broadband prices could be up to £17 per month lower than the true minimum monthly cost. So they may have had their broadband prices at £10 per month, but with the mandatory line rental, this could be £27 in total.
    • We have now switched to this method to ensure that our prices better compare to the competition, as all of major providers advertise in this way.
  • Free on-site servicing and repairs for the equipment we provide:
    • Previously we had not included free on-site servicing for the equipment we provided to deliver the Internet connection. If the equipment failed within 12 months of being installed (within warranty), then all we charged was a call-out fee and any other labour costs. If the equipment failed outside of warranty, then we charged for a complete new installation; Parts and Labour.
    • With the new splitting of the Service Equipment Charge, we now include free on-site servicing of the equipment, including parts & labour, during the entire time you are a customer.
    • The only exclusions are the obvious - e.g. you damage the equipment or alter it in an adverse way, or acts of God. See T&Cs for full details.

Does Service Equipment Rental provide the Broadband connection?


A separate broadband rental charge defines the speed, data allowance and other broadband Internet definitions for your account.


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