DocuSign signing Wessex Internet contracts electronically

Wessex Internet uses DocuSign, which allows our customers to securely sign and make it easier and faster than traditional manual paper contracts.

Is this legal? I've never heard of DocuSign before.

It is. Heard of Halfords, Salesforce, HP & Siemens? They all use it to sign full commercial agreements via DocuSign.

In the UK, the equivalent legislation to the ESIGN Act in the USA was also established in 2000, and is called the UK Electronic Communication Act . DocuSign is the only company that warrants its eSignature solution to be compliant with this act.

Docusign have a page dedicated to the legal aspects here.

I can't draw my signature. Will that matter.


I'm not happy about signing online

DocuSign is fully approved and has been legally held up as evidence in court. Their website is secure and you're wont be asked to enter anything but your Name during the process. We're happy putting our details and signature on it so I hope you are too!


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