Upgrading your package

You can upgrade your Internet package with Wessex Internet at any time.

This applies to all customers; Residential Broadband, Business Broadband & Business Ethernet customers.

Upgrading your account needs to be requested to our customer services team as this cannot be actioned via the online customer portal. Please contact us if you wish to upgrade.

We require at least 2 working days' notice to upgrade your account and for the changes to take effect, so please ensure you allow for plenty of time if you require an upgrade ASAP.

For residential customers, you are able to add temporary & one-time data bundles to your account, but these do not roll-over after the end of the month, so any unused data is lost.

Charges when upgrading

When you upgrade, you have the option to upgrade for the start of the next billing period, usually this is the 1st of the calendar month. This means that you current package will still apply, (along with the characteristics of this package), until the start of the next month. From the 1st of the next month, the new package takes effect, and the new charges & characteristics of the package apply. There is no prorating of invoices, or mid-month charges.

The other option available is a mid-month upgrade. This could be useful for instance if you need to increase your data allowance as you are running close to the limit and wish to take advantage of the more cost effective package. Here we will charge you a pro-rated charge to upgrade mid-term. This is generally calculated as a pro-rated credit of your remaining package until the end of the month, with a pro-rated charge for the new package for the remaining days of the month. You will not be paying twice when upgrading, you will be provided a credit & charged pro-rata accordingly.

Impact to contractual term

For residential customers there is no impact to the contractual term when you change your package.

For business customers, this will be confirmed on order. Usually for business customers requesting an upgrade a new contract will be generated to reflect the upgrade and on this contract will be details on whether the upgrade will incur a new minimum period from the date of the upgrade. Usually this is in the form of an extension to the existing term.


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