Vonage VoIP Phone Line FAQs

Vonage Frequently Asked Questions


We have created this list to cover the FAQs on Vonage - Wessex Internet's recommended VoIP provider if you are considering moving away from your expensive and featureless BT line.

Wessex Internet broadband connections do not require a BT line to run like traditional broadband lines.

Switching to Vonage is a no-brainer if you wish to reduce your phone line and call costs. Vonage have a range of different packages that start from £8 per month include many extra features that BT would charge you extra for, and as standard, include FREE unlimited calls to any UK landline numbers (01, 02 & 03 numbers).

Can I keep my BT number (01747, 01258, 01722, 01xxx)?


You can keep and migrate your existing BT landline number starting 01 or 02 to Vonage. Presently this is a free of charge service from Vonage. After you have signed up to your Vonage account and have received the Vonage adapter in the post, you simply need to call Vonage, or log into your Vonage portal online and request that your BT number is ported/migrated to Vonage.

My telephone line is billed by someone other than BT; Vonage tell me that I can't keep my number unless it's a BT line

As long as the underlying line is a BT line which in most cases it will be in the rural countryside, then you can keep your number. If in doubt, tell Vonage that your line is a BT line and they will then try to migrate it.

There is a small chance that if you live in Durweston, Stourpaine or in Sturminster Newton, and you ordered a new telephone line from Sky or TalkTalk, then your number may be a non-BT number. If this is the case, it may not be possible to transfer your number to Vonage.

Can I use my existing corded/cordless phone?


Vonage will provide you with a VoIP adapter. This adapter will convert the Internet phone line into a traditional BT socket where you can connect your existing BT phone to. Your phone just has to be a standard analogue phone, a corded or cordless, it doesn't matter.

Your phone will work exactly the same as it does with your BT line.

People call you the same way and you call people the same way as you do with a BT phone line.

What's the cheapest package I can opt for?

Presently the lowest cost phone line and calls package from Vonage is £8 per month. This is called the Talk UK plan.

This will secure you the line rental and package that includes FREE unlimited calls to UK landlines starting 01, 02 & 03.

There's also lot of extra features such as 1571, voicemail to E-mail, diverts and simultaneous ring to mobiles, mobile app, plus much more.

If you call UK mobiles or International numbers a lot, then there are more appropriate plans that will offer better value for money.


What's happens if I have a power cut; will the phone still work?

Under these circumstances your Vonage telephone line will not work as the Vonage box/adapter needs power to work, and a working Internet connection.

You may find that your mobile phone (if you have one) provides a suitable backup telephone option.

If you do need your Vonage and Internet service to continue to work during a power cut, then you could consider purchasing a UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply. This is a device that provides short-term mains power to computer and networking appliances during power cuts.

If you do have a UPS, simply connect your Wessex Internet router, fixed-wireless radio or fibre media converter (depending on your connection type), as well as your Vonage box and cordless telephone power supplies (if applicable) and you will have a few minutes of power in the event your mains power fails.

Most Wessex Internet sites are protected by UPS systems, generators and standby power systems, however we cannot guarantee that power is available at all times. Some smaller sites do not have UPS systems - please enquire if you want to be sure.


What's happens if the Internet goes down; will the phone still work?

Vonage or other Internet phone services require a working Internet service to function. This means that if the Wessex Internet service fails, then your Vonage telephone service may also not work.

You can configure Vonage to redirect incoming calls to an alternative number, such as a mobile, if your Vonage service goes offline for any reason (power cut or Internet failure).

It's rare Wessex Internet has major service outages, and we employ resilient links and equipment across the network to make these rarer - however we're not going to pretend our service is fault free but we'll do our best to ensure 100% uptime.

If you need a phone line 100% of the time, we recommend you have multiple sets of redundancy for phone lines in your home/business. Consider a UPS battery backup system for power outages. Keep a BT line. Make sure you have a mobile phone on a network with signal. How resilient you make it is up to you and your circumstances.



Can I use the Vonage line to dial 999/Emergency Services?


However, please remember that you will require mains power and the Internet connection to make calls using Vonage. If you need to contact the emergency services during times that these may be affected, please make sure that you have a suitable alternative means.

 This article was correct at the time of writing. Please check Vonage's website for up to date details and full terms and conditions. Vonage is not a service provided by Wessex Internet.



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