Internet Bandwidth Speed Test

Sometimes, it is necessary to check your Internet connection speed.

We have produced this guide to ensure that your tested speed is as close to the accurate representation of your connection as possible, as there are important factors that could massively affect the speed reported.


Example Internet Speed Test using


  • Use a hard cabled/Ethernet connection into the Wi-Fi router we have provided you.
  • Use a modern up-to-date computer; either a desktop or a laptop computer.
  • Use a modern up-to-date Internet browser such as Google Chrome, or Firefox.
  • Use the website.
  • Manually select the server to be the Server located in London hosted by Vodafone. (If you click on the "begin test" button, or use an automatically selected server, you risk testing against a slower server than won't accurately test your connection.)
  • If the London Vodafone speed test server is not available, try selecting a number of different servers in London as this is where our core network originates from.
  • Please also run another speed test from
  • Make sure that no one else is using your Internet connection when you perform the test as this will 'steal' some bandwidth.
  • Make sure that any other network devices are disconnected from your Wi-Fi and hard-cabled network.
  • Make sure that no other programs are running in the background.
  • Try testing your speed a few times to get an average.
  • Try testing at different times of the day to see if time of day has an impact on your speeds.


  • Do not test using Wi-Fi
    • Your internal Wi-Fi network is heavily dependent on wireless interference, signal strength, how many users are using your connection which make it too unreliable to use for testing your Internet bandwidth speed test.
  • Do not use a smartphone or tablet app
    • Your smartphone and tablet will most definitely be using Wi-Fi which is a no-no for testing speed, plus their CPU/processor speed is not going to be as good as your computer.
  • Do not test when connected to a Powerline adapter (also known as Homeplugs or Ethernet over mains adapters). They can decrease the performance.
  • Do not leave other users in your home or business connected whilst your are running the speed test as they could be contending your connection.
  • Do not use any of the follow speed test websites, as they are known to be inaccurate with higher speed connections:
    • another other than
  • If you have a Vonage adapter with two phone sockets, please do not connect your laptop or desktop to the Vonage computer port as the Vonage box is known to cause performance issue with devices connected downstream of it's computer labelled port.


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