Do Wessex Internet Provide E-mail addresses?

Email settings.

Wessex Internet do no provide customers with E-mail addressees such as This is because it's quite an outdated practice for ISP's to provide emails and most customers will already have an existing email address they wish to use.

If you don't have an E-mail address, or would like to change it away from your previous ISP, there are many free and feature-rich choices available such as Gmail or (previously Hotmail).

Settings for sending emails (outbound SMTP server).

If you already have an E-mail account with another provider, you may find that you can receive emails with your Wessex Internet connection, but you cannot send them. This may because your E-mail provider was your old Internet provider and they only allowed you to use their SMTP server when on their network.

If you need a new SMTP relay server, we can provide you one to use. This SMTP server is not for sending large quantities of E-mails, of for any commercial use.

Server name:
Port: 25
Authentication: none
Access: Only when connected to the Wessex Internet network
Restrictions: Not for commercial use; only 400 E-mails per 24 hours accepted.

Important Note: Our SMTP relay server is provided without any SLAs and is best endeavours.


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