Set up Direct Debit bank details

1. Log on to the Customer Portal.

Your username is usually your E-mail address or your WI or WIW account number. If you have forgotten your details, click here for advice on how to reset your details.

2. Browse the the Account & Payment Setting section

Hover over the Account menu and then click on Account and Payment Settings.

3. Click on Add Bank Account button

Once on the Account and Payment Settings page, click on the Add Bank Account button. You will then be redirected to the secure Direct Debit form.

4. Complete the Direct Debit form

Complete the short form entering your personal details and your bank account number and sort-code. Once completed, hit the Set up Direct Debit button. You will then have a chance to verify your details on the next page before committing these.

5. You have set up Direct Debit on your account

6. E-mail confirmation

You will then shortly receive an E-mail confirmation confirming that DD has been set up.

It usually takes five working days to establish the live working Direct Debit mandate with your bank, and so any payments that are requested immediately will take at least five working days to lodge rather than the usual three. 


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