Non-standard installations

If your home or business can't be connected to our network for a standard installation charge, then you still may be able to be connected, but this would involve a non-standard installation. Our sales team will typically be able to provide an estimate in the form of a 'banding'. However an on-site survey will usually always need to be carried out that will provide a fixed price for the work.

Non standard installs will almost always exceed the standard installation charge. If you have a government grant/voucher, then these can sometimes fully or part-contribute towards these costs.

Examples of Fixed-Wireless non-standard connections:

Band A: Typically these non-standard installations will not exceed £333.33+VAT (£400 inc VAT)

  • Installation that required a cherry-picker (all thatched properties, where any equipment is installed above 8m, unsafe working at heights environment, difficult to access areas such as over conservatories). (Cherry picker hire is £120/hr, with a minimum of 1hr charge).
  • Installations that require larger bracketry (larger dish due to distance or signal reasons, or needs elevation or different siting away from the solid structure).
  • Where cable runs exceed 30m, and more than one wall is drilled through. Max lengths are 100m.
  • Cable runs between two buildings.
  • Dish painting for camouflage.
  • Installations that require more than 2 hour to complete.

Band B: Typically these non-standard installation will not exceed £1000+VAT

For installations in these bands, we typically do not provide any of the civil works such as providing poles, installing poles in the ground, digging trenches for cables, or providing other machinery. We recommend customers contact a local contractor. (We are looking to have a list of these providers published shortly).

We will provide the data cabling and can arrange the termination and go-live commissioning however.

  • A pole installed in a garden or your grounds which has the transceiver radio mounted to it and less than 100m of cabling. SWA CAT5 cabling only.
  • Very small fibre connections, where typically our fibre network is within 100m of the property to be connected. Typically, we will provide cabling, but not install over gardens or the last few metres.

Band C: Typically these non-standard installation will exceed £1000+VAT

These installation for fixed-wireless connections are rare, and typically we can offer the civils required for these works as they would be substantial and often require long runs of SWA power + fibre.

  • A pole installed in a field far away from the property to be connected, where we'll have to run both power and fibre as the distance is greater than 100m. Electric and fibre terminations will be required. Weather-proof comms boxes will be needed, and we'll perhaps supply the pole too. These jobs will be fully project managed. Charges can be reduced if the customer is able to share the work if appropriate.

Examples of Fibre non-standard connections:

All fibre connections are likely to fit into the Band C category, costing £1000+VAT if your property if within a few 100m of our existing fibre. Really however, these jobs all have to be costed on the ground, and with a survey.


Non-standard installations can be quoted subject to survey. Please see our survey page for further details.



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