Vodafone SureSignal

Vodafone SureSignal devices are confirmed to work with all Wessex Internet connections.

SureSignals are generally plug & play.

You will need to configure and activate the SureSignal on Vodafone's website according to their instructions.

It may take a few minutes or hours after registering the SureSignal for it to operate.

You will also have to register and record every Vodafone mobile number that would like to use the SureSignal in your Vodafone account online as the SureSignal will not 'boost' unregistered numbers.

The SureSignal will not boost the mobile signal of other operators (e.g. O2, Three or EE).

Wessex Internet doesn't provide support to end customers if your SureSignal doesn't work, as they are not sold by us.

They are plug and play, and just work! We can't do anything to get them to work if they stop working.

In most cases where customers have contacting us and said that "it used to work and it doesn't anymore", when customer's have purchased a new SureSignal or had it replaced by Vodafone, the new SureSignal has worked. So we have seen quite a few customer's have faulty units that need replacing.

If you have any difficulty connecting or operating them, please contact Vodafone directly.

Get help from Vodafone here.


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