TP-Link WR841N Wi-Fi WPS/reset button issue

Data Advised: 30/04/14
Device Affected:
TL-WR841N v8.4
Customers with a TP-Link WR841N.

Issue: Under certain circumstances where customers are pressing the WPS/Reset button the Wi-Fi Name changes to TP-LINK_XXXXX and the Wi-Fi PIN shown on the underside of the router does not work.



It has come to our attention that some customers with TP-Link WR841N devices are finding that their Wi-Fi name (SSID) is changing from WessexInt_XXXX to TP-LINK_XXXXX and the Wi-Fi PIN that previously worked no longer does so.

This causes the customer to lose Internet access to Wi-Fi connected devices, and they are unable to join the network at all.

This issue may also then affect hard wired connections made to the TP-Link router.

This is not a wider-Wessex Internet issue, or a problem causing the outside transceiver dish/receiver to be reset. If customers are able to hard wire a computer to the LAN port on their Wessex Internet receiver, then they will be able to get Internet access as they will be bypassing the TP-Link device.

The symptoms suggest that customers are either factory resetting the TP-Link router by pressing the WPS/reset button on the back of the router for 5 or more seconds, or enabling WPS connection mode where they are pressing the WPS/reset button for less than 5 seconds.


It is recommended that customers DO NOT touch the WPS/reset button at all.

WPS is a method that allows you to connect WPS-compatible Wi-Fi devices together using a WPS connection mode.

We do not recommend you use WPS mode as it is having the effect of changing the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi key that may be used for other devices.

We also do not recommend pushing the WPS/reset button, because if it's held for long enough, (5 seconds), then it will factory default the TP-Link device and cause the settings to be incompatible with the Wessex Internet Service. This will also change the Wi-Fi name to something different (TP-LINK_XXXX)

What to do if I have pushed the WPS/reset button and Wi-Fi/or my network isn't working

Please contact us and raise a support case with us and we'll try to walk you through the resolution steps remotely over a phone call.

As this device is past the demarcation point of the service we provide to you, any support cases raised for TP-Link issues that are not covered under the manufacturer's 12 month warranty will be chargeable.

For this reason, please make sure you or others do not intentionally or inadvertenly press this WPS/reset button at all.


TP-LINK WR841N Reverse Side Photo

The WPS/Reset button is the second to right button shown below, and is immediately to the right of the last yellow coloured network port.



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