Network Abuse: SPAM/Virus E-mails detected

By default the Wessex Internet allows residential and business customers the ability to send E-mails using port 25 - the default port for SMTP.

  • For business customers who host their own mail server from a Wessex Internet connection, this means you can send E-mails directly to the recipient's mail server - the best way and where you are in full control of the E-mail delivery.
  • For residential customers who use POP3 or IMAP services, you can either use your E-mail provider's SMTP server, or you can use Wessex Internet's SMTP relay server.

However, if you computer network security is compromised, this can result in SPAM/malicious E-mails being sent out via your Internet connection to many E-mail recipients, perhaps unbeknown to you.


Abuse Report

Sometimes, Wessex Internet's Network Operations Centre (NOC) will receive what's called an Abuse Report. This abuse report can be sent by anyone, most commonly it's an ISP, a network provider, E-mail provider, or it could be from a business or individual whose been receiving the SPAM/Virus E-mails.

This abuse reports generally provide evidence that SPAM/Virus E-mails have been sent from an IP address that we manage.

We will look to see who this IP address is assigned to and then make contact with them to advise them of the situation.

Wessex Internet Actions

Sending SPAM E-mails or generally hosting any type of network activity that is against our terms and conditions, whether you are aware of it or not, is not acceptable and could result in a suspension of service or termination of contract.

We won't typically cut customers off if we have only the one report, and generally we like to make our customer's aware of the abuse report so that they can investigate and resolve the issue. If we continue to receive alerts from companies advising that SPAM/Viruses/undesired network activity is taking place, then we reserve the right to suspend your account or terminate your contract.

Further Help

Wessex Internet are a network provider, and do not provide IT support to residential or business customers. Please consult with your IT support provider or alternatively please get in touch as we may be able to recommend you to some companies we know.


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