Support Charges

Depending on the type of fault experienced with the Service that we provide, there may or not be a charge to resolve it.

Please see our terms and conditions for the full break down of charges and where they apply.

Examples of where a charge may be applicable (not a complete list):

  • Someone other than a Wessex Internet employee or contractor damages or reconfigures the Equipment we have provided used to deliver your Internet service that means it does not function normally.
  • If Equipment we have provided for the Service is damaged by Force majeure, or an Act of God (including but not limited to war, crime, riot, strikes, lightning strikes, storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes) and needs replacing.
  • If the Equipment we have provided fails outside of its warranty, usually 12 months after sale and needs replacing.
  • If we are called out to resolve an issue not relating to the Equipment we have provided to deliver the Service (e.g. if you're computer doesn't work - we don't support computers and we will not have provided this).
  • If we are called out for a engineering visit, and you are not available to let us investigate the issue.


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