Kindle Wi-Fi Connection Problems

We are aware that owners of the original or early Amazon Kindle models have trouble connecting their device to the Asus Wi-Fi Router/Access Point.

After much investigations, this appears to be a problem with the Kindle, and not the Asus router. Other Wi-Fi devices such as laptops and other Wi-Fi devices can connect okay, however original or older Kindles cannot.

There is a work-around, and it's slightly technical. We have included instructions below.


  1. As a precaution, power-cycle the Asus router (DO NOT FACTORY RESET) (it probably makes no difference, but at least you are starting from the same initial conditions).
  2. Log on to the router web-manager by entering (It may also be in your Internet browser (e.g. Chrome/Firefox/IE) URL bar, and entering username and password; this may be admin/admin, but also could be admin/password, or admin/billy123, or you may have changed it to something unique.
  3. Once logged in, select Guest Network from the left hand column on screen.
  4. Click the left-most enable button in the 2.4GHz section in the centre part of the page
  5. Enter the choices in turn:
    1. Enter Guest network SSID. I suggest naming it Kindle-WiFi to remind you which network the Kindle uses.
    2. Select WPA-Personal as the authentication method.
    3. Enter a password for the guest network; it should be different your primary Wi-Fi network.
    4. Set Time Remaining to Limitless
    5. Set Enable MAC Filter to No
    6. Click on the Apply button and wait for the 30 or so seconds for the router to set everything up.
  6. Logout of the router manager.
  7. Restart the Kindle (Menu/Settings/Menu/Restart) (this will take about a minute to complete)
  8. Go to Kindle Home screen and select Menu/Settings/Wifi
  9. Select Kindle-WiFi which should now have appeared in the list of available networks (assuming you followed the naming suggestion earlier).
  10. Select Connect and enter the the password you set from 5.3.
  11. Observe the Kindle and see if you get a connected status and a steady signal strength symbol. This may take 30 seconds or so to happen. If not try it again.
  12. Select the sync command from the menu to verify you have a connection. If good you should see a brief sync completed message.

If the Kindle still fails to connect then you may have to get it to forget any wifi networks, if it has logged on to any alternatives on your premises.



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