SMTP Outgoing E-mail Server Restrictions

Wessex Internet restricts residential and business broadband customers from using SMTP servers using TCP port 25 apart from when using our SMTP Relay Server when connected to the Wessex Internet network. This is for security reasons.

Please continue reading for further explanation and alternate methods of using SMTP servers.

What does this mean?

This means that whilst connected to a Wessex Internet connection, you cannot send E-mails using an outgoing SMTP server that uses TCP port 25 apart from if you use our SMTP relay server which has been whitelisted. SMTP servers are used to send E-mails. So this restriction may prevent you from sending E-mails.

How can I send E-mails?

  • You can either configure your E-mail client with our SMTP Relay Server.
  • You can use your E-mail provider's SMTP server settings that doesn't use TCP port 25. Most E-mail providers will operate a secure SMTP service on an alternative port number that will operate from all Internet connections. As this is separate to Wessex Internet, you will need to contact your E-mail provider to get their alternative SMTP server settings, and you will need to contact 

Why do we have the restriction?

This restriction is the same as most other Internet Service Providers to ensure that our customers do not unwittingly become a member of a SPAM botnet - (a collection of compromised computers and devices that are remotely controlled by a criminal that use your device & connection to send thousands or millions of SPAM E-mails.)

Even though our SMTP relay server is allowed, the chances are that the SPAM botnet service will be unaware of it's address. We also employ monitoring and limits on the number of E-mails you can send using our SMTP relay server, so the potential for harm is massively minimised.

Who does this restriction affect?

  • Residential broadband customers
  • Business broadband customers

It does not affect Business Ethernet/leased line customers.

Further questions

We regret that we're not an IT support company, so if you have questions relating to:

  • how you change your SMTP server settings
  • how to find your E-mail provider's SMTP server settings

then this is something you will need to seek assistance from your IT administrator, IT support company, your E-mail provider or finally a techie friend/family member.


For all further assistance please contact us.


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