Temporary Package Upgrade Options

Some of our home broadband customers may find that their Internet usage changes at certain times of the year, for instance during the school holidays, at Christmas or Easter, or when a large group of friends or family come to stay.

Your usage for the vast majority of the year could be much lower than specific occasions of the year.

Recommendation on Package Choice

Chose the broadband package that would meet your requirements for the majority of the time. It's not hard to understand that this option will provide the best value for money.

So if you are a 'light' Internet user, and don't watch many videos online, or have a busy household, then choose an entry level package.

You then have two options to cater for the increased usage for the occasion:

  1. Upgrade your underlying package for a minimum of 1 month.
  2. Add data bundles via the Customer Portal.

1. Upgrade your underlying package temporarily

Wessex Internet allow customers to both upgrade and downgrade their main package mid-term, and without penalty. So you can switch from the Starter Package to the Family+ for 1 month, and then go back down to the Starter Package when your usage lowers.

This option provides the most cost effective way to increase your data allowance as the higher packages include more data for less money.

To do this, please complete our Package Upgrade form here.

In the notes section, please state when you'd like the upgrade to take effect and revert back (if applicable).

Upgrading your package can take up to two working days to complete as this is a manual process. If you need to upgrade your package instantly, please consider option 2 below.

2. Add data bundles via the Customer Portal

You could also add additional data bundles to your package via the Customer Portal.

Once logged in, you can purchase additional data bundles which take instant effect.

There are a range of different sized data bundles, with higher capacities attributing a lower price per GB rate.

Adding data bundles to your account is the easiest way to self-administer your account and add additional data to your account for a better rate than the 10GB overages.



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