'Hard' factory resetting equipment

This article is designed to prevent customers causing their Internet access to stop working.


Unlike other provider's equipment - Wessex Internet do not recommend customers reset their routers by pressing the factory reset button (unless instructed to do so by our technicians).

Unlike other provider's equipment, if customers press the factory reset button on their equipment, this will immediately cause the equipment to return to factory default settings, and not Wessex Internet settings, therefore Internet access will cease operating under pretty much every occasion.

Unfortunately, Wessex Internet hasn't yet managed to upload our own customer-specific firmware to the equipment we provide, therefore a factory reset is just that - it'll reset it to the Asus/TP-Link or other manufacturer's settings.

Do not press the reset button

Do not under any circumstances hard-reset your router or other equipment we have provided to you (unless instructed by a Wessex Internet technician).

Hard-resetting your router is usually carried out by pressing the reset button on the equipment for 5 or more seconds. The equipment could be a TP-Link or Asus router. The reset button is usually labelled clearly. 

Hard-resetting your equipment will have the effect of causing an immediate loss of Internet access. Therefore it's not recommended to do this.


What to do if you suffer a problem with your connection

  • DO NOT reset your router. DO NOT press any reset buttons on the equipment.
  • Follow our back to basics checks and other articles on our support site.
  • Check whether there is an issue known to us. Status Page

What happens if you press the reset button

  • Your Internet access will cease to operate in pretty much all cases. So don't do it!
  • You will need to speak to our technicians on 0333 240 7997 within normal business hours to re-configure the equipment. So if you reset the kit at 6pm on a Friday, the first time you'll be able to speak to someone about this is 9am Monday.
  • In some cases, where the equipment cannot be re-configured remotely, an engineering visit will need to happen - this will carry a £50 callout-charge, and will be scheduled into the diary. Lead times can be 4 working days from first report.

Therefore, please do not press the reset button under any circumstances. Faults are almost never resolved by factory defaulting your router. Usually a power cycle (power off the router, wait 10s, power it back on) will solve some issues.

Please see the rest of our support site for self-help articles.


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