Package Data Allowance and Data Usage Alerts

Wessex Internet presently operates with a monthly data allowance model. This means that customers will be subscribed to a set-amount of data per calendar month (starting 1st of the month 00:01), measured in Gigabytes (GB), where they can use the Internet within this allowance for the standard package price at no extra charge. 

Customers should select the package that best suits their needs. Therefore selecting a package with not enough data and using it to stream lots of HD video is not going to be best value. Equally, signing up to the maximum package and only using it for light web browsing and E-mail is not best value either.

Fair upgrade/downgrade system

Wessex Internet operates a fair system of allowing residential customers to upgrade and downgrade mid-term without penalty. Downgrades require 30-days' notice. Upgrades can usually take place the same business-day. (Business customers can only upgrade mid-term without penalty.)

We also will credit customer's accounts if they have previously gone over their allowance in the previous month as if they were on the upgraded package; so they won't have paid anymore than if they were on the more-suitable Internet package. If customer's have incurrent overage data bundles during the current billing-month that have not yet been invoiced, and customer's upgrade, then we shall also remove these overages taking into account the new allowance.

When does my usage reset?

Customer data usage is reset at the start of the calendar month, and any unused data in the main package is carried forward to the next month. Carried-forward data only applies to out of bundle data bundles; it doesn't apply to the standard data allowance amount.

Unlimited bundles/packages

Some packages have unlimited or un-metered periods whereby any data transferred during this period is not countered towards the main subscription allowance. Usually this is during off-peak periods which is between 00:01 and 07:00 daily.

Data usage, bundles and allowances are treated at downloaded + uploaded data. 

Off-peak data usage period

If applicable to your service, the off-peak period where data is no counted towards your data usage, this is between 00:01 and 07:00 daily.

Check your live data usage

To view your live data usage, please log into the Customer Portal.

For help on how to login to the Customer Portal, please visit this page.

Usage is updated every 30 minutes on the portal.

Data E-mail usage alerts

Unlike some providers, Wessex Internet will send you an E-mail as you approach your standard data allowance and then when you exceed your allowance. Please therefore ensure that you have access to your E-mail account, check it regularly and that you whitelist our E-mail domain

We will send your first data usage alert when you reach 80% of your standard monthly data allowance.

10% Grace

We provide all customers a 10% grace over their standard monthly allowance where we do not add any automatic overage data bundles if customers stay within 110% of their standard data allowance. This means that if customers use up to 10% more data, then there will be no further charges or data overage bundles applied.

However, if customers exceed the 10% grace allowance, then our system will add enough data overage bundles up to their current usage - which will include the grace data allowance.

For customers who have opted out of the overage data bundles, we provide a 10% grace before we suspend their account and no further charges for overage data will be incurred. Once customers reach 110% of their standard monthly allowance, their connection will suspend automatically and cease the Internet supply. No charges will apply in this circumstance.

Automatic Overage Data Bundles after 110% usage

When customers exceed their standard monthly allowance + 10% grace, we automatically add on 10 GB extra bundles to their package. This will include data for the grace period as well.

For overage data bundle prices, click here.

Unused out of bundle overage data bundles carry forward

Any unused data overage bundles are automatically carried forward to the next month, and if you don't use the overage next month, then it carries forward again and again until it's used. This roll-over only applies to data overages and additional purchased data via the customer portal and not the main subscription allowance.

Opting out of automated overage data bundles

Customer who do not wish to exceed their standard monthly allowance and have extra charges for the overage data may opt out.

Please contact us.

Your request may take 1-2 working days to process, so please allow enough time to process.


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