MAC Code (Migration Access Code)

MAC codes are no longer in use across the entire industry

Following an Ofcom change in 2016, MAC codes are no longer in use in the broadband industry. Wessex Internet did not require one anyway, for migrations in or out, as our service is independent of the Openreach copper line system that it was used for.

Switching to Wessex Internet from another provider

MAC codes are not applicable with Wessex Internet connections because our Internet services aren't delivered down a copper landline system. MAC codes only relate to migrations between two providers that use the BT landline to deliver their Internet service.

Therefore you do not need to get a MAC code from your current supply.

If you presently have a landline based broadband connection (e.g. ADSL or FTTC), then you simply order a service from Wessex Internet and ask your previous ADSL/FTTC supply to cancel your contract.

Switching to another provider from Wessex Internet

If you choose to leave Wessex Internet, then you will not require a MAC code to transfer the service to the new supplier. This is because we don't deliver our services over a BT landline where a MAC code is relevant. You will need to cancel the Wessex Internet service and take out a new service with the new supplier.

BT Cease Charge

Sometimes, your current supplier will charge a fee to cease your service as technically you are not migrating your service (as Wessex Internet doesn't use the phone line to deliver the service).

The cease fee from your previous supplier is usually no more than £30. Please contact them for full details.


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