Additional Wi-Fi Access Points

Sometimes customers may require additional Wi-Fi coverage around their home for increased coverage or better performance.

When Wessex Internet initially install a new home broadband connection, we usually provide a single 802.11n Wi-Fi Access Point.

If customers require any more, then we can provide them at the point of installation. However we cannot sell, install or support any additional Wi-Fi access points after our engineers have left the initial installation. If you need any extra at this point, please contact a local IT support company if you need end-to-end support, or please purchase a standard Wi-Fi Access Point from a computer shop such as PC World, Curry's or a suitable online retailer. Please note that we will not be able to help you set these up, either on-site or remotely.

Wi-Fi signal degrades over distance and through obstructions

The Wi-Fi signal is only so good at penetrating through walls, ceilings and other obstructions. The signal will decrease/attenuate with any interference or obstructions.

In new homes, it's not uncommon for homes to be well insulated and have foil-backed insulation or concrete floors which can adversely affect the Wi-Fi signal.

Purchasing new Wi-Fi Access Points for improved range/better performance

Wessex Internet are the Internet Service Provider, or ISP.

Wessex Internet at this time do not provide any internal IT support, which includes engineers installing new Wi-Fi Access Points, new cabling or any other IT or networking tasks beyond the Internet connection that we provide you.

Local IT Support Companies

Please contact one of these third party companies if you are looking for on-site IT or networking help. They may be able to both provide any hardware, organise any installation work, and provide on-going support for the products and services they provide.

Please note that we can take no responsibility for their work, and these recommendations are based on our customers using them.

Prodigy PC, Everley, Blandford

Bill Hussey, Blandford

Wi-Fi Signal Attenuation

Signal Attenuation
Glass window Low
Wooden door Low
Cubicle Low
Plasterboard wall Low
Dry wall with no insulation Low
Dry wall with foil-backed insulation Medium
Cinderblock Medium
Marble Medium
Glass wall with metal frame High
Brick wall Very High
Concrete wall Very High


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