Types of Installation

Wessex Internet have two types of installation; Standard Installation and Non-Standard Installations.

  • Generally speaking, Standard Installations have a fixed price; Non-standard Installations have a variable price which is quoted after survey.
  • Standard Installations generally apply to most fixed-wireless connections, i.e. where we deliver the Internet connectivity to a home or business via point-to-point line-of-sight wireless link.
  • Non-standard Installations generally apply to fibre & copper-based delivery methods, i.e. where we use fibre or a copper/CAT5/CAT6 connection to deliver Internet connectivity, or where complexities at the installation location mean we need more time, materials or machinery to conduct the installation.


Sometimes, a Standard Installation can turn into a Non-Standard Installation during the installation process. This may happen where additional equipment or labour is required to deliver the Service, in which case our Non-Standard Installation Charges will apply. The current non-standard installation charges can been seen in our terms and conditions or alternatively here.


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