Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Wi-Fi connection problems

Are you encountering problems when connecting your Wi-Fi device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV) to the Wi-Fi network?

  • Have you verified that the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and the Wi-Fi password/key is correct?
  • Are other devices connected and working?
  • Are you too far away from the Wi-Fi hub? Try connecting closer to it.
  • Have you tried to turn the Wi-Fi router off at the mains, wait 10 seconds before powering it back on? Does this fix it?
  • Is the Wi-Fi router plugged into the Wessex Internet outdoor receiver power supply. It should be connected to the LAN port on the small black power supply box that powers your external wireless transceiver. Where you have been provided with a TP-Link router, the cable link between these two devices should be plugged into any YELLOW port on the TP-Link router, and NOT the single blue port.
  • Has someone factory reset the Wi-Fi router you are connecting to? If so, this could result in an incompatible configuration that will prevent you from accessing the Internet via the Wi-Fi router, including connecting via WiFi.


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