Do I need planning permission?

Fixed-wireless connections
It depends.
If you have a listed building or live within a conservation area, you will most likely need to seek permission from the relevant authorities before we can install your Internet connection.
If you aren't in an ANOB and don't have a listed building, then you can happily install up to two dishes/antennas on your building. For full details please visit the planning portal government page
Our wireless antennas are very small. Typically the largest one we use for end customers is half the size of a Sky mini dish, and the smallest one (if you are within sufficient range of our base station) is the size of a 1pt milk carton.
Fibre connections
It is unlikely that you would need any permission as a fibre delivered connection is usually sourced with an underground cable with not impact to the visual exterior of your property.
Important note for all customers
Please remember that it's your responsibility to check whether you need planning before we install your Internet connection.


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