Residential & Home Worker Service Support Hours

Wessex Internet provides support to residential and home worker subscription customers between the hours of 09:00 & 17:30, Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays.

Support hours

  • 09:00 to 17:30
  • Monday to Friday
  • excluding UK public holidays

Support offering during operating hours

During our standard business working hours, we will provide residential and home worker subscription customers individual support on their service.

Our support will obviously only cover items that we look after and support, therefore we won't be able to provide support for anything that we did not sell or provide, or provide support as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Outside of support hours

Outside of our residential & home worker support hours, we will still provide 24x7 cover on our core network which is monitored pro-actively. This includes the point(s) of presence that your connection routes via such as the base stations.

You won't be able to speak to an engineer however.

If you wish to leave a voicemail on our system or E-mail our support department, you may, but this will not be picked up until the next business working day.

How can I find out whether this is a core network issue, and you're aware of the issue?

If there is an issue affecting the core network, then we will update our customers on our telephone answering service under the "Network Status and Outage Information" option.

The message will inform you whether there is a known issue, and if there is, it will tell you whereabouts on the network affected customers are located. This will generally be a guide, so if you live near this area, your connection may be affected.

We will also update our website status page at in addition to our Twitter Status Page at We recommend you "follow" our Twitter page to be kept up to date.

Obviously the latter two options require Internet access, however many of our customers have access to the Internet via GPRS/3G/4G on their smartphone/tablet.

Why don't you provide 24x7 support to residential and home worker service customers?

At this time we do not offer 24x7 individual support to residential & home worker connections. This is because the cost of providing support to residential customers would not be sufficiently covered by the sums we charge customers.

Therefore rather than charging more to all customers, we have provided the option of 24x7 support for business subscriptions which anyone is more than welcome to sign up for. Generally speaking, if you require critical level of support and cover, then you should be on a business-package with the relevant SLAs.

Therefore if you require 24x7 support, all of our business broadband packages include this where you can speak to a live engineer 24x7 for any critical faults relating to your connection. 


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