Wessex Internet reliability

The Wessex Internet network is very reliable.

Throughout the Wessex Internet network we have multiple points of redundancy including battery backup systems at our base stations and cabinets and redundant wireless and fibre links at many of our sites.
Our core network is monitoring 24x7 and we respond proactively to any issues developed on our core network.
Our network is used by many large businesses and schools. Therefore the service level agreements we provide to these customers ensures that our engineers are on standby 24x7.
Is your network more reliable than copper ADSL or FTTC broadband?
As our network doesn't use decades old copper telephone line technology, we find that the reliability of end user connections is higher.
Traditional copper or aluminium telephone line cabling which is used for traditional older ADSL or FTTC broadband connections is prone to many issues such as:
  • cable breaks
  • interference
  • large attenuation/signal loss over long cable runs

Therefore with Wessex Internet's fixed wireless access and fibre access delivery methods, we avoid these issues, and therefore in many instances are more reliable.


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