Customer Portal

Wessex Internet has an online Customer Portal for current customers to be able to self-service their account.

Login URL

The URL has recently changed, please update your bookmarks to the above address. Your username/password has not changed.
( is legacy and will not work - please update your bookmarks)

Customer Portal Highlights

  • Monitor your current data usage
  • View your past and present invoices
  • Set up a Direct Debit
  • Change your Direct Debit bank account details
  • Pay off invoice(s) using Direct Debit
  • Pay off invoice(s) using a credit or debit card*

Customer Portal Login Details

Your username is either your Wessex Internet account number, which either starts WIxxxxx or WIWxxxxx, or it is your E-mail address.

The username field is case sensitive, so for your account number, please ensure to type uppercase WI or WIW - (Wessex Internet, or Wessex Internet Web).

Your password is what you will have set.

Forgotten Password

You are able to reset your password online. Please follow the link to reset your password and enter the E-mail address that is associated to your account.

We strongly recommend you change your password on first log in.

Login Problem FAQs

  • Are you ensuring your username and password are entered in the correct case? Both username and password fields are case sensitive.
  • If your username starts WI, are you confusing WI for W1 (i for 1)? It's WI - for Wessex Internet.
  • When you reset your password, do you see a reset password for two accounts? I.e. are you using your E-mail address for two different accounts. This may cause a conflict - please get in touch if this is the case.

Any Further Problems

If you encounter any problems using the Customer Portal, please contact us.


*Credit and debit card payments cost us more to process, and therefore we reserve the right to charge you 1.8% or £2 whichever is greater per transaction. This may be separately invoiced.


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