Installation Lead Times

Wessex Internet Installation Lead times

  • Standard Installations: 7 calendar days
  • Non-standard Installations: 14 calendar days (however this depends on the scope of work required)

What does the lead time mean?

The lead time is the shortest time from when a customer has signed their contract to when we can physically install and commission the the new Internet connection.

The installation is subject to available engineering resource; for instance the earliest installation slots may be taken up with other customer installs.

Of course we can schedule installations in with more notice period that the minimum lead times stated above!

The lead time ensures that our sales, network team and engineers have enough time to prepare any necessary configuration files and programme core routers in advance of the installation. It allows us time to schedule the installation engineers who will be visiting the installation address, and order in any necessary equipment that is not held in stock.

What happens if I need something to happen sooner?

The reasons we have standard minimum lead times is to ensure that the installation goes smoothly and there are no unexpected outcomes.

There is also the risk with undercutting the standard lead times, and this could cause problems.

Therefore we recommend customers lodge their installations with plenty of time.

Expedite Order Option

We do allow customer the option to expedited their order, and have this installed within 4 working days of a signed completed order form.

This is subject to sufficient engineering resource and is evaluated on request. This option effectively allows you to queue-jump and have your installation scheduled earlier than what our diary allows.

There is a extra charge for this option.

This is presently £150+VAT in additional to your standard installation price.


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