Fixed-wireless dish appearance

How we deliver connectivity to end customers

The majority of Wessex Internet customer connect to our network via a wireless link. We install a small radio transceiver to the outside of your property and this links wireless to a nearby wireless base station, (usually within 7 km of your home or business), that is either connected to our network via fibre optic or a high-capacity microwave link.

Fixed-wireless links require perfect line of sight to the base station

The fixed-wireless connections require perfect line of sight to operate. Therefore if there are tress, buildings, hills or other obstructions in the way, then we cannot create the high-capacity & highly-reliable wireless link. Even if the line of sight is marginal, we don't tend to install these connections as a slower and less reliable service is delivered, and this is not the customer experience we wish to offer.

The frequency we use is higher than what your mobile phone uses, and therefore we can't operate in the same way that you do with your mobile inside. The higher frequencies get blocked much more easily.

Sizes of dish/radio transceiver receiver

We have 3 dish transceivers and 2 flat panel transceivers.

The type of transceiver that we used is based on the distance you are from our base station, and thus the RF gain we need to establish the required high-quality link. The larger the dish/flat panel receiver - the higher the gain - the further away you can be away from the base station.


  • 300mm dish (occasionally used) - Up to 3km from base station
  • 400mm dish (most common) - Up to 8km from base station
  • 600mm dish (rarely used) - Up to 10km from base station
  • 140mm flat-panel receiver - Up to 200m from base station
  • 190mm flat-panel receiver - Up to 500m from base station

We cannot install a small dish for aesthetic reasons if you are further away from the base station and thus warrant a larger dish as the link will either not work, or deliver the reliability of high speed connection.

We can give you an idea on the type of receiver you will require before your installation. This may be within +-1 size.

Appearance of the Dish Type Transceivers



Appearance of the Flat-panel Transceivers


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