Vonage Box/Adapter Performance Issues

Data Advised: 07/05/14
Device Affected:
Dual telephone line Vonage Box/Adapter
 Customers who are connecting network devices into the port labelled computer and coloured yellow on the Vonage Box/Adapter.

Issue: Under certain circumstances where customers are connecting their computers or other network devices to the yellow computer labelled port on the Vonage adapter, they are seeing reduced performance on these device(s) which may result is reduced download/upload speed and the inability to access certain website/applications.


It has come to our attention that some customers who connect computers and other network devices to the yellow coloured computer port on their Vonage Box/Adapter subsequently experience reduced performance on these devices that may result in slower download & upload speeds and the inability to access certain website and applications.

The reason for this is because the Vonage box is actually a router, and by adding what essentially would be a second router to your network, you will be causing undesired results when accessing certain websites and applications.

The Vonage box also tries to apply quality of service (or QoS), by way of limiting the effect of the computer or devices speed connected to the yellow computer port. This sounds great in practice, however with a Wessex Internet superfast connection, under most circumstances this won't have any major effect on call quality not using this feature.


It is recommended that customers DO NOT plug anything into the yellow computer labelled port on the Vonage box.

Customers should connect their Vonage box to their Wessex Internet provided Wi-Fi router (if provided) by way of connecting a network cable between the blue coloured Internet port on the Vonage box to a Wi-Fi router LAN port.

If we have provided a TP-Link router, you should connect a network cable between the yellow coloured LAN port on the TP-Link router and the blue coloured Internet port on the Vonage Box.

Your BT phone connects to the green phone ports using the Vonage included adapter if needed.

It is not recommended for the reasons mentioned above that the yellow computer labelled port is used.

Vonage Box/Adapter

The computer port is coloured yellow as indicated below as it is not recommended that anything is connected to this port.


TP-LINK WR841N Reverse Side Photo

The yellow ports are the LAN ports, and you connect the Vonage box's Internet port to any of these. The ports are all the same.

For Wessex Internet radio-based customers connections, the blue port on the TP-Link router is not used, and should not be used under any circumstances.

For Wessex Internet fibre or cabled connections, the blue port connects to the fibre media convertor or CAT5 data cable feeding your Internet connection.


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